In order to purchase memberships or register online, you will need to Create an Account. Your account will allow you to purchase and manage your various registrations, memberships, family members and calendars.

1. Create an Account

Enter your own personal information when creating your account - not your spouse's or child's information. Once your personal account has been created, you'll be able to login and add your spouse and children if needed.

Once the account creation form has been submitted, the system will send you a confirmation email with your password.

2. Setup your Account

Using the password you received in your email, login to your account. You can update your password by clicking on "My Profile".

If you will not be adding a spouse or children to your account, skip to step 3.

Click on "Family". Within your "Family" group, click on "Add Family Member" and fill out the information for your spouse or one of your children and continue adding family members until all of your family members have been submitted.

3. Register & Purchase Memberships

Under the "Register" tab, click on the appropriate category and then click the blue "Register Now" button for the specific item you would like to register for. Any required Memberships and registration pricing will be displayed here.

Click the blue "Add to Cart" button for the appropriate person. Follow the prompts to fill out the information for any required memberships and the registration itself and click Continue.

When completed, you will be directed to your Shopping Cart. You can view or edit the details of each item or remove them from your cart. From here, you can Check Out and make your payment to complete your purchase or Keep Shopping to add more memberships and/or registrations for you or your other family members.

The "Memberships" page is where you can purchase new memberships and view all of your currently active Memberships. You can access your purchase history on the "History" page and view a single calendar including events for each of your registered family members on the "Calendar" page.

Please be sure to Logout when you are finished browsing and registering in your account and please contact us with any questions or comments via email at or via telephone toll-free at 1.800.323.6012.